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The “Enspire” event | Thursday 9th January 2020

Inspirational speakers, networking and business and entrepreneurial skills development workshops from business leaders from across the country brought together in one unmissable event.

Posted on Thursday July 25, 2019

Millennium Point is proud to host The “Enspire” event, an event with community at the heart comprised of inspiring stories, workshops and networking designed to inspire collaboration, bring people together and share inspiring stories to bring humanity back into business.

Delivered by the entrepreneurial minds at Vanguard Solutions and Success Leaves Clues, the “Enspire” event is for businesses and individuals looking to innovate the way they think, work and live.

Taking place at Millennium Point on Thursday 9th January 2020, the “Enspire” event brings like-minded people together with a desire to learn, meet and inspire. It features inspirational stories of success and rebirth from a mix of down-to-earth business leaders, a refreshing approach to networking and workshops designed to help you find your edge delivered by leading entrepreneurs.

What can you get out of it?

Who are the speakers?

“Finding Your Edge” workshops by Antony Thompson and Ben Williams co-founders of Vanguard Solutions, an international coaching and training company.

Tickets start from £27 and can be purchased from the official website enspireonline.co.uk

Millennium Point is a landmark building in Eastside of Birmingham City centre. Owned by the Millennium Point Charitable Trust who supports science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) and education in the West Midlands, Millennium Point is home to award-winning events and conference spaces, including a 350-seat auditorium with Birmingham’s biggest screen, as well as tenants such as Thinktank Science Museum and Birmingham City University. For more information about the organisation get in touch.